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About We Are More

Welcome! My name is Irene Echezona, creator of this lovely website you are currently on! I have lived with a disability my entire life, and one thing I have always wanted was to meet others like me who I could talk and relate to. We Are More is a website designed for disabled teens and young adults to have a safe place where they can connect online with others who understand what they are going through. This is meant to create a supportive community where you can learn, post, chat & make new friends!

We Are More: About

Now You May Be Wondering...

What can I do on this website?

There is plenty to do! You can join or create a site group, start or post in a discussion in the webchat, chat with friends, join a group and follow different people.

What if I don't have a disability?

Anyone can make a profile! As long as you don't break the site rules, you are welcome to join. Keep in mind that we need to be respectful of others as disabilities can be a tough subject sometimes.

Some other third question...

I like things in threes but I couldn't think of any other questions 😂. If you have any other questions, feel free to send me a chat or look into the webchat.

We Are More: FAQ

Website Rules

We Are More: Site Rules
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No Explicit Content

No Bullying

No Spamming

Breaking the rules will result in being removed from the site

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